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Strategic Design

Developments in technological and socio-cultural domains demand for appropriate business models and solution offerings.Companies are turning into organizers of systems in which they use and provide solutions in the form of products and services to adhere to the needs and wishes of its users¹. With that comes a set of needs for the company to maintain and grow its business. Design offers the tools and methodological approaches to keep up with this demand for sustainable business development. 

Strategic design is about engineering and facilitating strategic decision-making². Furthermore, it is about balancing current resources and taking on innovative opportunities for sustainable growth and commercial success. It is in itself possibility-driven, always on the look out for new and innovative ways to develop approaches and methods that support long-term strategic advantage for a company’s business. This by anticipating the future to shape the present.

Strategic Design Practices

As it becomes easier and more accessible to develop working solutions, the challenge is to make solutions have add value beyond solving a problem. This requires an approach that takes all strategy levels into consideration to design for; here strategic design comes into play. By combining the appropriate practices, design efforts can focus on achieving this personal fit for the stakeholders in the product-service system. The following cards visualize and elaborate practices and principles from strategic design. These can assist in developing strategically sound solutions on each level of a company’s business whilst maintaining focus on a pragmatic design approach.

Want to find out more about strategic design besides the information displayed here?

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