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ABOUt the PSD tool


PSD is an approach to business development from a positive lens. It incorporates developments from positive psychology with strategic design. It strives to make people in organizations flourish and boost business performance and appreciation. The goal of the PSD tool is to inform about the strategical side of happiness in design and business, and to educate about why it is such an important part of business and life in general.

The PSD website and tool came to be as response to the apparent lack of focus on well-being in development of business strategies and solutions. It therefore strives to promote the strategic viability of happiness within design and business. Moreover, it is the continued result of a graduation project at the Delft Institute of Positive Design (DIOPD). The goal of the tool is to inspire design students, practitioners and any interested party to develop knowledge and solutions that stimulate the happiness of people and attempts to make them flourish.

Why happiness?

Happiness is what drives people. Its potential through hardship and its outcome through hard work. It is the overall experience that one gets from joy, meaning and accomplishment. All these elements are integral part of life, both as an employee and a consumer. Thus, having methods and opportunities that focus on these elements is wishful, if not necessary, to create sustainable solutions for both sides of the party. Making such sustainable solutions might be a bit more effort on the short-term, but are more fruitful for all parties, including business, on the long-term.  

More like this?

If you are interested in more positive design approaches, knowledge and tools, visit the website of the DIOPD.

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