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Happiness Strategies

What are Happiness Strategies?

Happiness Strategies are opportunities for a company to approach business and organizational aspects from a positive lens. Be this by enhancing the vision of the company, or by stimulating the people in the company's atmosphere. It is about recognizing what the stakeholders of a company require and creating an environment in which adequate value can be offered. Furthermore, it includes focuses on both the life circumstances and intentional activities that are part of what determines happiness for the people in a company's product service system.

The following cards are meant to inspire and stimulate focus on formulating and designing solutions that enhance happiness. Interpret these directions as you please and be sure to give feedback and/or propose additions if you come across any.

Business competence

Product-service systems require to evolve with the people in their business environment, be this internally or externally. Positive strategic design enables to focus on this evolution and find and develop appropriate solutions. To achieve successful implementations of this approach a company should commit to it at its core. The following cards are suggested as fundamental directions to gain a positive strategic advantage.

Leadership capabilities

For companies to thrive, is to focus leadership on stimulating and enhancing happiness in the company’s environment. This is not determined by its top-down presence, per se. Rather, it is about how capable leaders are to facilitate a positive work environment. The more responsibility is given to employees, the more employees are expected to lead their work and colleagues. The following cards are the basis for positive strategic design application on a leadership-level.

Employee well-being

Employees are the drivers behind the product-service system, be this with internal or external activities. The way they take on these activities and are facilitated in doing so have a significant impact on the business of a company. For employees to flourish the following cards are vital to keep in mind.

Consumer well-being

A company's well-being is dependent on its consumers being satisfied and motivated by the solution offerings of their product-service system.They drive the profits and make it possible for a company to focus on growth and higher purpose. There are multiple approaches in focusing on consumer's (user's) subjective well-being. Besides a lot of product-specific positive design methods being available, the following cards are presented as additional focus for a company to apply positive strategic design.

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